Khawaja Holdings Will Expand into France

Khawaja Holdings to grow multinational 

Mustafa Khawaja owner and CEO of Khawaja Holdings

Khawaja Holdings, a multinational holding company, recently announced its extension into the UK and will follow this up with an office in France to boost its extension. 

Khawaja Holdings is quickly getting friction as they expand into Europe with new financing and investing opportunities.

CEO of Khawaja Holdings Ahmad Khawaja has begun an energetic global development plan on multiple regions of the globe. To maintain the highest quality of services they provide, they are adding a new office in France too.

CEO of Khawaja Holdings Ahmad Khawaja stated that “We’re seeing interest at exponential rates and so many opportunities for Khawaja Holdings to help businesses in the UK and France,”. 

Khawaja Holdings has created an expansion plan to reach more businesses and support their growth. Ahmad Khawaja has made its vision and goals very clear over the past few months.

The Indian company originated and reached its own success in the Indian real estate market but now it strives to extend into new industries and new countries.

Ahmad Khawaja also added that “We are humbled and excited to be able to expand at such an aggressive rate,” Ahmad Khawaja said, …we look forward to helping so many businesses all around the world and the opportunities that will manifest not only for us, but for the companies, their staff, and their communities,”.

About Khawaja Holdings

Khawaja Holdings is a multinational holding company with operations and plans for expansion in nearly every continent. We enable businesses and economies to thrive, allowing entrepreneurs and innovative companies to reach their full potential.

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